BREAKING NEWS — Claim of Three Breasts Isn’t First Time Tampa Woman Lies!


TAMPA -- Her claim that she got a third breast surgically implanted isn't the first time that Tampa woman Alisha Hessler is caught in a lie. Just last year, Hessler's fibbing got her charged with a felony in Hillsborough County. According to court records 21-year-old Hessler -- who perpetuated her three-breasted hoax on a fact-challenged British newspaper under the name Jasmine Tridevil -- was nabbed in Tampa last year for lying about her … [Read more...]

Rihanna Lookalike Arrested For String of Robberies

New York State Police arrested a Rihanna lookalike wanted for a string of jewelry thefts in the South Florida homes or hotel rooms of wealthy men, and it now turns out one of her victims was a New York Giants player. Subhanna Beyah was arrested last night in Queens, N.Y., on a fugitive warrant from South Florida. Miami Beach Police Department detectives asked authorities in New York state police to help locate Beyah after she was identified … [Read more...]

Rihanna Dead Ringer Wanted in Robberies of Amorous Marks

A temptress with the looks of Diamonds singer Rihanna and a Bernie Madoff-like ability to part a man from his assets is being sought by the Broward Sheriff's Office. The lookalike -- identified as Subhanna Beyah, aka Crystal, 25 -- and three other women are believed to be a part of a ring of 20-something babes who target men in upscale bars of South Florida and Tampa. Beyah, Johnnina Miller, 25, Ryan Elkins, 23, and Keshia Clark, 27, … [Read more...]

Hulk Hogan: Sorry About The Gross Photos!

Hulk Hogan

Tampa wrestler Hulk Hogan has apologized for posting half a dozen photos of his seriously burned hand on Twitter over the  weekend! The former reality star, who once was photographed sensually rubbing suntan lotion on his daughter Brooke's back in Miami Beach, suffered burns Saturday afternoon while working on the engine of his boat. For the next three days, he twittered gruesome photos of his wounds. -- For more of Florida's best … [Read more...]

Hulk Hogan Burned in Accident, Tweets GROSSEST Photos Ever!

Hulk Hogan in Las Vegas May 15

If you can't stand to see photos of serious burns, then don't go much below the following graph: Ex-wrestler and reality TV star Hulk Hogan was badly burned yesterday afternoon in an accident at home in Tampa, and he's been tweeting photos of his injuries since. The latest came this morning, and was attached to the tweet: "Would you like it rare?" Seems that the former World Wrestling Federation star was tinkering with the engine of … [Read more...]

Roaring Diners to Tampa Eatery: No More Eating Lions!

African lion

Creepy online threats and nasty looks from diners caused a Tampa eatery to stop serving lion-meat tacos -- only a few days after it started featuring the $35-entree! Taco Fusion owner Ryan Gougeon, whose restaurant specializes in exotic meats, said he'd stop using the big-game specialty after it became too hot to handle. “Thank you all for the feedback regarding the lion meat promotion at Taco Fusion," he wrote on the eatery's website. … [Read more...]

Tampa Socialite Swallows Diamond During Fundraiser!


The idea behind the Tampa Women's Club charity fundraiser was relatively simple -- but it got a lot more complicated later on. For $20, Bay area socialites could buy a flute of champagne and a chance to win a one-carat diamond worth about $5,000. Organizers placed $10 cubic zirconia stones in the bottom of 399  champagne glasses for the 400 guests. The real diamond was carefully placed in the 400th flute, and each guest picked one at … [Read more...]

Battle Over Casey Anthony’s Life Story Heats up!

Casey Anthony

Will we get to see Casey Anthony’s life story on the big screen? This afternoon in Tampa, U.S. bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May could decide if the trustees overseeing the accused child killer’s bankruptcy will be able to profit from the controversial mom’s celebrity-by-crime status. Lawyers for those whom Anthony owes money are asking for the "exclusive  worldwide rights in perpetuity to the commercialization of Anthony’s life story." This … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati: MasterChef Star to The Rescue!

Master Chef's Christine Corley

A former star of the Fox hit show MasterChef is coming to the rescue of tennis legend Jennifer Capriati, who is accused of hitting her ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day in North Palm Beach. Capriati, the top Season 2 candidate Christine Corley said, is likely to be the ex's victim instead of attacker! How could the 2011 candidate on Gordon Ramsey's reality show be so sure? Corley and Capriati have something in common: They both dated … [Read more...]

Jennifer Capriati: I’ll be Vindicated!

Jennifer Capriati

After ignoring Gossip Extra's calls for comment about a North Palm Beach Police's request for a warrant to arrest her in connection with a domestic violence incident, former tennis champ Jennifer Capriati finally put out a statement late Friday. In a nutshell: None of it is her fault, and her ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan is just telling cops exaggerated stories about her! Here is most of the 36-year-old Capriati's statement, courtesy of … [Read more...]

Arrest Warrant Sought For ex-Tennis Champ Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati

An arrest warrant is being sought today by the North Palm Beach Police Department for former women's tennis champ Jennifer Capriati, Gossip Extra has learned. Tennis Hall of Famer Capriati, 36, could be charged with battery and stalking in connection with a Valentine's Day incident at one of the village's gym. According to the police report exclusively obtained by Gossip Extra, the former winner of two Australian Opens and one French … [Read more...]

Casey Anthony Caught With Her Pants Down!

Casey Anthony and lawyer

Casey Anthony seemed to be missing something when she walked out of her bankruptcy court meeting yesterday! The infamous child-murder suspect walked into the courthouse wearing black tights -- but walked out a few hours later without them! Did they rip? Did she get sweaty while thinking about her $800,000-debt? Did she poop herself? Coming at 11: Casey Anthony and the Case of the Missing Tights! -- Click here for the Orlando … [Read more...]