BREAKING NEWS — Facebook Killer Charged With Death Penalty Murder!

Derek Medina Facebook murder

MIAMI -- The South Miami man who allegedly killed his wife at home in August then posted a photo of her body on his Facebook account could face the death penalty. Derek Medina, 31, has been formally charged with first degree murder, an "upgrade" from the second degree murder with a firearm rap filed after he surrendered to police. He originally pleaded not guilty. His plea hearing on the new charge is set for tomorrow. The legal move comes … [Read more...]

BREAKING — The Miami Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey to be Grilled About Aaron Hernandez Connection!

BOSTON -- An hour after the Miami Dolphins were pounded by the New England Patriots near Boston, Fins center Mike Pouncey was served a subpoena ordering him to make himself available to authorities to discuss his relationship with ex-Pats star and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez. Cops served Pouncey as he left the Dolphins' locker room after the loss. The content of the subpoena wasn't immediately revealed, but several news reports … [Read more...]

HORROR! Autopsy: West Palm Beach Girl, 10, Stabbed 23 Times; Mom Stabbed Herself 94 Times!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Two autopsy reports released today by the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner's office show that little Alexandra Brooks fought her mother as the knife-wielding woman stabbed her 23 times. At one point during the struggle that couldn't possibly find a match in a horror movie, Alexandra's right middle finger was cut so deeply that is was nearly severed. And the blade used by her mother completely went through her left … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — It Was Murder Suicide: Pamela Brooks Killed Daughter, Self!

WEST PALM BEACH -- It was murder! The shocking death last month of 10-year-old cutie Alexandra Brooks in her home on the south side of West Palm Beach was murder, police announced today at a press conference. And the murderer was her troubled mom, Pamela Brooks, who then killed herself in the same manner as she killed Alexandra: with a kitchen knife! "The daughter was stabbed numerous times," said West Palm Beach Police Capt. David … [Read more...]

BREAKING — Obama Hater Arrested in Murder-For-Hire Plot; Arsenal Seized!

A Broward man who professed that President Barack Obama should be murdered, and had the means to do it, was arrested at home in Dania Beach after he allegedly tried to hire someone to kill his family! Jason Simione, 39, was charged with three counts of solicitation to commit murder, possession of a destructive device and child abuse. Broward Sheriff's Office SWAT deputies who searched Simione's home found 68 rifles, shotguns and … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Aaron Hernandez Served Florida Lawsuit in Jail!

NFL murder suspect Aaron Hernandez was served a federal lawsuit filed against him in South Florida IN JAIL! Talk about hitting a man when he's down! A process server, who happens to be a Massachusetts corrections captain, did the honors recently, and handed former University of Florida tight end Hernandez the notice, according to court papers. Hernandez is being held without bond in a lockup near Boston in connection with the murder of a … [Read more...]

George Zimmerman: Not Guilty!

Ex-neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman was found not guilty of charges of murder minutes ago in Sanford. The jury rendered its verdict after two days of deliberations in a courthouse near Orlando. Zimmerman shot Miami teenager Trayvon Martin last year as Martin, who was visiting his dad, walked through a neighborhood that Zimmerman guarded. Earlier today, there were indications that the jury struggled with the charges. The … [Read more...]

Caylee Anthony’s Toys in Garage Sale!

Caylee Anthony’s grandparents reportedly hosted a garage sale outside of their Mt. Dora home to unload some of dead toddler 's toys they couldn't stand to see around their house! Living among fairy tale backpacks, toy hearts and stuffed teddy bears used by Caylee, the toddler possibly murdered by their daughter Casey Anthony in 2008, has been torture for grandparents Cindy and George Anthony, according to published reports. Casey Anthony, … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Aaron Hernandez Saga: Suspect in Killing Surrenders to Miramar PD!


Ernest Wallace, the man wanted in connection with the murder that former University of Florida star Aaron Hernandez may have participated in, has turned himself in, Gossip Extra has learned. Wallace, 44, walked into the Miramar Police Department about 1:30 p.m., a police source tells me. I'm told Wallace was alone when he came in, and carried a letter invoking his right to having a lawyer assigned to him. "He just walked in," said … [Read more...]

George Zimmerman, Chaz Bono: Separated at Birth?

With the trial of alleged Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman set to start after next week's jury selection in Sanford, Gossip Extra tracked down Zimmerman's long lost brother! All right, maybe not -- but you've got to admit there's a resemblance! Here's the tale of the tape: Zimmerman, 29, is 5 feet 8 inches tall and gained 100 lbs since being charged with murder last year. He's believed to tip the scale at 280. As a neighborhood … [Read more...]

Ex-Palm Beach Radio Big Caught in Tale of Murder, Love

Stephen Nodine

The sizzling tale of a former Palm Beach County radio promotions executive caught in a Shakespearean tale of murder love, treachery and murder is going national tonight. CBS’ 48 Hours is profiling the case of former WJNO-1290 AM radio’s Stephen Nodine, who was lucky in an OJ Simpson sort of a way. An Alabama jury deadlocked in Nodine's murder and stalking trial in 2010, then he pleaded to a lesser charge to avoid a re-trial. Nodine, … [Read more...]