FLORIDUH — Walmart Shopper Pinched For Pumping The Python on Plush Pony!

TAMPA -- A 19-year-old man was arrested in a Walmart just north of Tampa yesterday after he took a stuffed horse from a sales bin, used the popular Christmas toy to masturbate then placed the semen-covered item on a bed offered for sale, police say. Police in Brooksville say Sean Johnson carefully picked "a brown, tan, and red stuffed horse from the clearance shelf in the garden department” then went to town. According to the police report, … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Bill Gates on Horse Manure Scandal: It’s One Big Misunderstanding!

Bill Gates

WELLINGTON -- A mouthpiece for billionaire Bill Gates responded to Gossip Extra's scoop about the fines that Gates is racking up courtesy of the Village of Wellington by saying it's all one big paperwork snafu! Still, according to the spokeswoman, Gates' people are working on the problem with Wellington officials. Gates, we reported Monday, has received more than $40,000 in fines since July because a horse manure holding tank on his fancy … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Charlie Crist’s Mysterious Nigerian Connection Drops $100,000 in Florida Governor Campaign!


BOCA RATON -- A mysterious Nigerian businessman whose empire is under scrutiny for its ties to a jailed, corrupt African politician has emerged as one of Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist's biggest campaign donors, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively. Onajite Okoloko, an oil executive turned fertilizer manufacturer with a sprawling property in Boca Raton, has donated $100,000 to Democrat Crist's campaign so far this year, … [Read more...]

CRIME — Couple Arrested While Getting it on in Town Square of Retirement Community!

SUMTER COUNTY-- A  68-year-old woman and her much younger partner in various stages of undress were busted while having sex in the town square of a retirement community just south of Ocala. Coitus interruptus, anyone? Sumter County Sheriff's deputies alerted by residents in the quiet 55+ community of The Villages -- which calls itself Florida's Friendliest Retirement Hometown -- caught the pair red, ahem!, handed. Margaret Klemm, 68, a … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Drinking Scandal Ensnares Benjamin School, Jack Nicklaus’ Family!

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- The aftermaths of a drinking scandal at the fancy Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens is overshadowing the excitement of graduation later this month. Two seniors from prominent families, J.B. Thompson and Ray Anderson, were expelled after they allegedly took control of a classmate's cellphone and posted an obscene message on the Facebook page of the Ivy League school where the classmate is headed, Yale … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Fake Buyers, New Foreclosure Rule Plague Burt Reynolds Home Sale!

Burt Reynolds, last month at IPC polo in Wellington (Mike Jachles photo)

HOBE SOUND -- Gawkers posing as home buyers and a recent decision by a Florida court of appeals to extend the period of time when a bank can pursue a foreclosure could spell trouble for Hollywood big-screen legend Burt Reynolds, Gossip Extra has learned. The actor's property at 16815 SE US1 in Hobe Sound has been winding its way through foreclosure in Martin County, and until recently, it was believed that the banks would have until 2015 to … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Fired Manchester United Manager David Moyes, Topless in Miami Beach!

MIAMI BEACH -- Just days after he was canned with great fanfare by the English Premiere League club of Manchester United, David Moyes popped up topless on the warm sands of Miami Beach! As usual, Gossip Extra's the only local news outfit with the photos: Pasty as only Brits can be at the end of the winter, Moyes and his chubby wife Pamela have been trying to find peace and anonymity just miles from where the United owner lives! Good luck … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Electile Dysfunction: For a Boehner Lasting More Than 23 Years . . .

MARCO ISLAND -- Suddenly, Republicans have grown a sense of humor, and the guy running against Marco Island part-timer John Boehner just put out a ad that almost -- but not quite -- would make you want to vote for him in the upcoming primary. In Saturday Night Live fashion, GOP newcomer J.D. Winteregg's most recent ad airing in House Speaker Boehner's home district in Ohio is more about humor and Boehner's 23 years in office than about … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Wellington Polo: 80 Buffet Items, And Fierce US Open Action!

WELLINGTON -- If there's one feature at International Polo Club Palm Beach that's captured the imagination this season, outside of top flight mallet action of course, it's the Sunday champagne brunch. And there's a good reason why they're are consistently sold out. For $120 per in the latter part of the season, polo lovers can munch on some of the 80 dishes in a lavish buffet by Aaron's Catering of the Palm Beaches while sipping Veuve … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Wellington IPC Polo Season in Homestretch

IPC Wellington

WELLINGTON -- There's only two weeks left to catch world-class polo in Wellington! As U.S. Open Championship action on the field of the International Polo Club Palm Beach heats up, the pretty people are descending on the venue in record numbers. Among the notables: Former Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams, who's as well-known for having perfected the horse-collar tackle as for having been engaged to Miami Beach singer Kelly … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Hitler-Saluting Wellington Board Member Must Resign!

WELLINGTON -- Wellington Planning Board member Marcia Radosevich, a volunteer government helper, gave the one-arm Hitler salute in the middle of a public meeting. With a smile, no less. It was her under-educated way to criticize the village's planning director, whom she accuses of behaving like a Hitler-like dictator. She may have had a point: Government staffers of small South Florida towns like Wellington often think they were handed … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Justin Bieber to be Deposed AGAIN About Selena Gomez, And His Lawyers Could be Banned!

Justin Bieber

MIAMI -- The lawyer of a Miami Beach paparazzo is asking a local judge today to depose Justin Bieber again -- and this time to discuss only his relationship with pop star Selena Gomez, Gossip Extra has learned. What's more, he wants to ban Bieber's California lawyers from representing the singer in his ongoing lawsuit here. And the reason, according to new court papers obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra: Bieber's high-priced mouthpieces … [Read more...]