BREAKING NEWS — Boca Raton Mobster Skinny Joey Merlino Gets More Prison!


BOCA RATON -- "Skinny" Joey Merlino, the retired Philadelphia crime boss who settled in Boca Raton and is helping investors open a restaurant in the heart of the city, won't be working at the new Italian eatery until the end of tourist season. Merlino, 52, is being sent back to prison after a federal judge decided Merlino violated his parole when Broward Sheriff's Office undercovers tailed him to a dinner with former mafia associates and … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Dennis Rodman Crashes Boca Raton Law Firm Party to Ask Carmen Electra to Marry Him Again!

Dennis Rodman to Carmen Electra: Will you marry me, again? (Splash News photo)

BOCA RATON -- NBA legend Dennis Rodman crashed a private party at Blue Martini in Boca Raton last night to try to talk actress Carmen Electra, his ex-wife, to marry him again, but he only managed to have organizers beef up security! As usually, Gossip Extra's the only South Florida media organization with the photos of the kerfufle! It all went down about 7 p.m. when the Halloween party of the Berman & Berman law firm started kicking at … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Florida Booze Cops Descend on Retired Mobster Skinny Joey Merlino’s New Boca Raton Restaurant!

BOCA RATON -- Agents with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco surprised the folks putting the finishing touches on a new restaurant named after convicted Philadelphia mob boss "Skinny" Joey Merlino, a spywitness tells Gossip Extra. The group visited yesterday afternoon to make sure Merlino, who served 14 years in prison before moving to Boca in 2012, is not involved in the restaurant's management. Even if the place is … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ariana Grande’s Family Has History of Mental Illness, Domestic Violence, Palm Beach Court Records Show!

BOCA RATON -- Is mental illness in the genes of pop star Ariana Grande? If you believe documents pertaining to her parents' nasty divorce obtained by Gossip Extra, the family of the tiny singer of Bang Bang and Problem may have a history of emotional problems that led to the institutionalization of Grande's paternal grandmother! What's more, the Palm Beach County court paperwork hints at a history of domestic violence in her dad's side of … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Retired Mob Boss “Skinny” Joey Merlino to Open Restaurant in Boca Raton!


BOCA RATON -- Retired mob boss "Skinny" Joey Merlino and a group of investors are set to open a restaurant in the heart of Boca Raton, Gossip Extra has learned. The ex-Philadelphia organized crime head, now 52 and a Boca resident since 2012, is scheduled to get off his three-year supervised release next month, a rehabilitation period tacked on his 14-year prison sentence for racketeering. Obviously, Merlino now wants to hit the ground … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — FBI Raids Boca Raton Cigar Bar, Arrests Figures in Alex Rodriguez Scandal!

BOCA RATON -- Two major players in the recent Alex Rodriguez doping scandal and a third man were quietly nabbed by the FBI last week in and around Boca Raton on a litany of charges, Gossip Extra has learned. The three were accused of peddling bootleg Cialis, Viagra and Xanax as well as steroids and growth hormones, an illegal business conducted out of a fancy cigar bar near Mizner Park. And one of the suspects, the man who originally … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — In Wake of Suicide, Developer Greg Talbott’s Bentley, Guns to be Sold at Auction!

Talbott's prized Bentley, to be sold tomorrow in an auction (Moecker Auctions photo)

BOCA RATON -- A ghoulish auction is set to take place Saturday in Boca Raton -- at the home where once mighty developer Greg Talbott committed suicide in May. The bankruptcy sale is an attempt to make dozens of his creditors somewhat whole and includes Talbott's 2006 Bentley Flying Spur, Blue Book value $70,000, dozens of guns and hundreds of boxes of ammunition. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: The auction is set for 11 a.m … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Michael Lohan Baby Mama Kate Major Pregnant Again; Wants Out of Jail!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Kate Major, Michael Lohan's jailed baby mama, is pregnant again, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively, and now she wants to serve the last seven months of her violation of probation sentence at home! Boca Raton resident Major, 31, is nine weeks pregnant with her and Lohan's second child, according to court papers quietly filed late Friday and obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra. And Major's attorney, Michelle Suskauer, … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Boca Raton Builder Greg Talbott Dies After Suicide Attempt!

BOCA RATON -- Controversial developer Greg Talbott, a once successful builder involuntarily pushed into bankruptcy by creditors, shot himself in the head about noon yesterday in his Boca Raton apartment. He was rushed to an area hospital, where he died early this morning. Boca Raton Police say the incident is still under investigation and refused to release the report. But a law enforcement informant said cops are definitely considering … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — What’s NFL Legend Jevon Kearse’s Six-Pack Worth? $1,500 at Boca Raton Bachelor Auction!

A date with ex-NFL star Jevon Kearse went for $1,500 in last night's charity auction in Boca Raton (Michele Eve/Splash News photo)

BOCA RATON -- Former Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jevon Kearse wasn't nicknamed The Freak for nothing -- and a date with Kearse and his freakish six-pack went for $1,500 last night in a charity auction in Boca Raton. Never mind that the guy's 37 going on . . . 25! Believe it or not, a date with former Martin County High School teacher turned Hustler model Victoria James went for $1,000 -- despite the fact she took off much more than … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Patrick Swayze Widow Lisa Niemi Moves in With Fiance in Boca Raton Condo!

BOCA RATON -- The widow of beloved Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze is shacking up with her new beau, Gossip Extra has learned. Lisa Niemi, 57, filed notice with the state of Florida last month that her official residence now is her fifth-floor condo at the beachfront Sabal Point highrise in Boca Raton. Massachusetts jeweler Albert DePrisco, 58, who proposed to Niemi at Christmas and is expected to marry her later this year, filed the same … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Mother of Lindsay Lohan’s Little Brother Charged With DUI, Probation Violation!

BOCA RATON -- Kate Major, the mother of starlet Lindsay Lohan's 14-month-old brother, is set to appear before a Palm Beach County judge this morning in connection with her arrest late last night. Major, 33, tabloid character Michael Lohan's live-in galpal, was charged with DUI and domestic battery. -- UPDATE: Major was ordered held without bond about 10 a.m. today. She will remain in the county lockup in West Palm Beach until at least … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — A Big Money Canadian Divorce, Palm Beach-Style!

BOCA RATON -- It's the model versus the mogul. The model: Boca Raton mom of three Lisa Armoyan, who went from living in a sprawling mansion to a tiny rented apartment in no time after she and her ex-husband split. The mogul: Nova Scotia real estate developer Vrege Armoyan, who allegedly made $50 million while married to Lisa but now has a hard time parting with the $17.8 million that a Palm Beach County judge awarded her. This … [Read more...]