MUGSHOT — Sad Face: Bicyclist Arrested in Restaurant Drive-Through!

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- This guy's mugshot is so sad they should've let him go! Meet Gabriel Harris, 33, was charged with resisting arrest earlier this week in New Smyrna Beach -- green hair, sad face and all! Harris allegedly tried to order from a Taco Bell drive-through at 3 a.m. but employees refused to serve him because he was not in a car. So Harris refused to leave. This being Florida, cops got involved. Harris resisted -- and … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS: Cocaine Coochie Mama Arrested Again — Now, She Claims Aging Illness!

Jennifer Crosby's booking photo (Indian River County Sheriff photo)

VERO BEACH -- A woman who had a hilarious brush with Vero Beach authorities is back in the slammer after allegedly providing a patrolman with a false ID of a woman half her age -- then claiming to suffer from an illness that makes her get old too fast! The 43-year-old woman told Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Colby Smith, who pulled her over for a broken tail light over the weekend, that her name was Christina R. Topp, born March 16, 1992 … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Retired Miami Dolphins Star Larry Johnson Nabbed in Nightclub Fracas!

MIAMI BEACH -- Another night in South Florida, another NFL figure arrested! Former Miami Dolphins running back Larry Johnson is being held on $7,500-bond this morning in Miami after a nightclub fracas. The two times Pro Bowl player was booked about 7:30 a.m. on a charge of aggravated battery, a felony. The former NFL leading rusher's mug shot shows Johnson's eyes were seriously blood-shot this AM. Police say Johnson, 34, attacked … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Miami Dolphins Defender Derrick Shelby Arrested . . . Mugshot’s a Classic!


FORT LAUDERDALE -- Rising Miami Dolphins star Derrick Shelby was arrested yesterday after a disturbance at a Fort Lauderdale nightclub -- and the mug shot might end up on the top 10 of NFL mug shots. Undrafted third-year defensive end Shelby, 25, was involved in an early morning fight at Off The Hookah in the Himmarshee Village bar district, and his booking photo shows he didn't come out of the kerfuffle unscathed. Fort Lauderdale cops say … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Claim of Three Breasts Isn’t First Time Tampa Woman Lies!


TAMPA -- Her claim that she got a third breast surgically implanted isn't the first time that Tampa woman Alisha Hessler is caught in a lie. Just last year, Hessler's fibbing got her charged with a felony in Hillsborough County. According to court records 21-year-old Hessler -- who perpetuated her three-breasted hoax on a fact-challenged British newspaper under the name Jasmine Tridevil -- was nabbed in Tampa last year for lying about her … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach County Legislator’s Father Fired Gun at Woman Inside His House!


RIVIERA BEACH -- The father of Florida State Representative Bobby Powell Jr. is still being held at a Palm Beach County lockup this morning as details of Saturday night's shooting are being made public. And it's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Bobby Powell Sr., 67, is accused of firing a handgun at a woman who's been living in his house at 1442 West 32nd Street in Riviera Beach, where Powell Jr.'s campaign for office was based. The … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach Manhunt: Cop Who Nabbed Murder Suspect Says He’s no Hero!


SAINT AUGUSTINE BEACH -- St. Augustine Beach Police Officer Todd Smith says he doesn’t feel he did anything special in arresting Raul Reinoso Martinez July 4 -- the man who shut down Palm Beach 10 days earlier. At first, 26-year veteran Smith thought Martinez was a homeless jockester. But the 51-year-old Martinez turned out to be the suspect in the June 23 murder of Miami punk-band guitarist Louis Salgar, and the fugitive who sparked … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — PBSO Undercover Deputy Joaquin Fonseca Arrested on Drug Charge!

WEST PALM BEACH -- It's been kept hush-hush by authorities since yesterday, but a jail snitch tells Gossip Extra exclusively that a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office agent who once won the investigator-of-the-year award has been arrested. Joaquin Fonseca, 47, a 25-year veteran, is a member of the agency's Organized Crime Bureau. Its mission is to dismantle street gangs and major drug operations. Fonseca works as an undercover who prepares … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ex-Versace Mansion Owner Peter Loftin Arrested in Gun Incident!

MIAMI BEACH -- Peter Loftin, the flamboyant nightscape character and former owner of the historic Versace Mansion, was arrested on Mother’s Day. Loftin, 56, was charged with aggravated assault in a domestic violence incident involving ex-Miami Dolphins cheerleader Kaire Hall, the 32-year-old mother of their two sons. A telecom millionaire whose ownership of the famous Ocean Drive mansion was rocked by lawsuits and controversies, Loftin was … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Escort: Palm Beach Lawyer Attacked us!

PALM BEACH -- One of the three escorts allegedly summoned to the Palm Beach home of Gunster lawyer Richard Holt Sunday morning said the 71-year-old Holt was "getting aggressive" with them -- and called the arrest of one of the ladies a "travesty." It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Jessica Johnston, 24, was nabbed by Palm Beach Police after placing a 911 call from Holt's house about 3 a.m. She was charged with possession of marijuana … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Strange Incident at Palm Beach Lawyer’s House Nets Woman With Marijuana UP THERE!

PALM BEACH -- Strange incident at the Palm Beach house owned by well-known Gunster Law firm shareholder Richard Holt! Palm Beach Police arrested a 25-year-old woman there about 3 a.m. Sunday in what cops described as a "civil" dispute. Thing is, according to the police report, she also carried a small amount of pot . . . deep inside her nether regions! It's another Gossip Extra exclusive the rest of the media won't touch with a 10-foot … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Helga Marston, 92, Alleged Victim of Society Dame Nancy Tsai, Found Dead in Nursing Home!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Helga Marston, the alleged victim of fallen society darling Nancy Tsai, has died in a West Palm Beach nursing home. Marston, 92, is believed to have died of natural causes at the Lourdes Noreen McKeen facility, where she had been living for over a year. No autopsy has been ordered. The death, which occurred two days after Tsai was charged with theft from an elderly person and exploitation of an elderly person, could … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Author: Disgraced Socialite Nancy Tsai Needed to Keep up With The Joneses!

PALM BEACH -- A well-known author who wrote a book about Palm Beach socialite Nancy Tsai and her high society friends said she was shocked to hear about Nancy's arrest last week, and blamed it on naked ambition and the need to keep up with the town's much richer Joneses! It's another story you'll find only on Gossip Extra: Canadian former society columnist Rosemary Sexton, whose 1993 book The Glitter Girls devoted an entire chapter to Nancy, … [Read more...]