PHOTOS/VIDEOS — Ice Skaters Invade Mar-a-Lago as Snow Falls on Palm Beach Salvation Army Ball!

Donald Trump

PALM BEACH -- Only in Palm Beach, kids! Ice skaters performed for the black-tie supporters of the Salvation Army at Mar-a-Lago Club last night in Palm Beach, and a blizzard of real snow manufactured by two snow machines fell poolside during the first big gala of the new society season. We guess that's why party designer Chase Scott decided to name the $500-per fundraiser Snow Ball. Mar-a-Lago owner Donald Trump wasn't supposed to be … [Read more...]

VIDEO — A New Dawn For Space Exploration . . . Mars is Next!

Orion launch

CAPE CANAVERAL -- It was a day late because of a fuel tank failure, but NASA put on a show at 7:05 a.m. as the new deep-space exploration capsule Orion pierced the cloud cover above Cape Canaveral for her maiden flight into orbit. Today's fireworks were for the spaceship's first four-hour flight test, but it's eventually supposed to lead Americans to Mars. Check out the breathtaking footage of the launch, including the rocket cam's images of … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Tiny Florida Girl Soothes Ferguson Area With Violin!

Leah Flynn

SAINT LOUIS -- At just 7, Leah Flynn knows first-hand about racial strife. She lives with her mom Paula in Sanford, a Central Florida community torn apart by the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by neighborhood watch George Zimmerman two years ago. So when Leah saw the racial violence in Ferguson, Missouri, she dreamed of using her talent as an accomplished violinist to bring a brief sense of peace to the people of that city. And … [Read more...]

VIDEO — OMG! Madison Square Garden Security Guards Kick Out One-Legged, Unruly Hoops Fan!


NEW YORK -- Only in New York, kids! Security at the New York Knicks - Brooklyn Nets game last night at Madison Square Garden dealt with an unruly fan sporting a neon outfit in the most unusual way. The Miami Heat's Eastern Conference rivals were going at it when a Nets backer with a prosthetic leg was told to clear out. The fan, according to witnesses, took out his leg, hoping that no security guard would dare touch … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Creed Frontman Scott Stapp: I’m Under a Vicious Attack!


BOCA RATON -- Creed frontman Scott Stapp just posted a video-taped statement on his Facebook account to respond to stories recently published on Gossip Extra about his wife's attempt to divorce him and have him committed. Looking gaunt and a decade older than his 41 years on the black-and-white footage, Stapp claims he's clean and sober, and under "vicious attack" by the IRS, banks and his record company. But on the 15-minute tape that … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Performs in South Florida Rehab Center

Steven Tyler

SUNRISE -- Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is used to drug rehab centers as a patient. This week, he entered a Sunrise drying tank as a performer! Tyler visited the drugs and booze abuse Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center to hang with its clients and share some stories of his lifelong battle with substance abuse. It was a fitting place for the 66-year-old rock star: The center emphasizes music as medicine and allows recovering abusers … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Roman Atwood’s Prank Burglary of Sunrise Orphanage Goes Viral . . . Leads to Good Things!

Roman Atwood

SUNRISE -- Internet prankster Roman Atwood hit a Sunrise orphanage for a YouTube video of a fake burglary that received more than 1.2 million views so far this week! And while some of the staffers at the Jewish Children's Village appeared to take the stunt extra hard, it all ended well: It led to the 50 or so children in the care of the Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO) village and staff to receive $40,000 worth of electronics … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Fire Destroys $6.4 Million-Palm Beach House of Wellington Polo Figure!

PALM BEACH -- A house owned by elderly former Wellington equestrian investor Allan Scherer and his wife Margaret was destroyed in a fire overnight. The Intracoastal-front house at 417 Primavera Way was valued by taxation authorities to be worth about $6.4 million! Scherer, 82, was said to be at home at the time of the blaze and was sightly injured. Firefighters believe the incident was caused by a gas leak. Incidentally, Scherer made … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Palm Beach Commish Steven Abrams: My Opponent is Stealing my Street Signs!

BOCA RATON -- A volunteer in businessman Andy O'Brien's campaign to unseat current Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams was suspended after Boca Raton Police launched an investigation into the theft of Abrams signs. Abrams workers obtained the video below of a woman alleged to be O'Brien right-hand woman Arlene Ustin pulling away from the corner of Yamato Road and Congress Avenue in Boca Raton with dozens of signs on the back seat of … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Orlando Teacher Jessica Vanessa: Why Teach When I Make a Fortune Twerking?


ORLANDO -- Kindergarten teacher Jessica Vanessa recently quit her day job to become what could be Florida's first professional twerker. And Orlando babe Vanessa, 22, has become an Internet sensation over the past few months, with her Vine GIFs garnering more than 680 million views. Don't adjust your screen: That's 680 MILLION! Most of the 5-second loops show her twerking at home, and cost virtually nothing to make. But sponsors, … [Read more...]

VIDEO — Gossip Extra Breaks Down Linda Cooney Shootings on CBS’ 48 Hours!


WEST PALM BEACH -- CBS's new 48 Hours analyzes at length the murder in Juno Beach and attempted murder in Las Vegas pinned on former socialite Linda Cooney over the course of 20 years. Cooney, 66, is serving up to 40 years in a Nevada prison after she was found guilty of shooting and partially paralyzing her son Kevin three years ago in Vegas. But Cooney became a household name in the Palm Beach area in 1993 when she was found not guilty of … [Read more...]