EXCLUSIVE — Troubled Palm Beach Socialite Nancy Tsai: My Dead Husband Screwed me Out of $8 Million!

PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach socialite and Norton Museum of Art patron Nancy Tsai, who's accused of stealing from a trust fund belonging to 92-year-old Alzheimer's patient Helga Marston, claimed she lost $8 million when her rich ex-husband protected assets she believed she was entitled to. How did he protect the dough? Through a trust fund similar to the one Tsai is now accused of raiding! It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Nancy … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Patrick Swayze Widow Lisa Niemi Moves in With Fiance in Boca Raton Condo!

BOCA RATON -- The widow of beloved Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze is shacking up with her new beau, Gossip Extra has learned. Lisa Niemi, 57, filed notice with the state of Florida last month that her official residence now is her fifth-floor condo at the beachfront Sabal Point highrise in Boca Raton. Massachusetts jeweler Albert DePrisco, 58, who proposed to Niemi at Christmas and is expected to marry her later this year, filed the same … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — KVJ Show Hits Music-Fueled Snag in Miami Market!

HOLLYWOOD -- When the legendary KVJ Show's Kevin Rolston, Virginia Sinicki and Jason Pennington quit their West Palm Beach radio station after nearly 14 years and moved to a lowly-rated new home in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market, their Wild 95.5 listeners here freaked. In time, however, they discovered that the morning crew's new station, the Cox Media-owned Hits 97-3, could be heard in most of Palm Beach County -- and things settled. No … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach Socialite Nancy Tsai Arrested!

PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach socialite Nancy Tsai, a well known patron of the arts, has been arrested in connection with her purchase of a $2.3 million-penthouse, a Bentley, a Mercedes and flights on private jets with cash from the trust fund of a 92-year-old friend. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Tsai, 66, was released on her own recognizance last night after being officially charged with one count of exploitation of the elderly for … [Read more...]

Power Outage For Sarah Palin: “Mama Grizzly” Lizbeth Benacquisto Loses Congress Primary!

FORT MYERS -- Former Wellington Village Councilwoman Lizbeth Benacquisto, a Democrat-turned-Conservative-Republican supported by Sarah Palin, lost the primary to replace cocaine-loving ex-Congressman Trey Radel last night on Florida's left coast. Benacquisto lost to multi-millionaire political newcomer Curt Clawson, who's headed for a special election in June for the seat left vacant by the arrest and resignation of former radio personality … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — Ex-Palm Beach Socialite Linda Cooney Found Guilty in Las Vegas Shooting!

LAS VEGAS -- Linda Cooney, the Palm Beach County social climber who was found not guilty of killing her husband in 1992 in Juno Beach, was convicted of attempted murder of her son overnight in Las Vegas -- despite an attempt by the son she was accused of shooting to exonerate her again! The jury deliberated for about two and a half hours before finding Linda Cooney, 66, guilty of attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and intimidating … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — At 97, Harley Davidson Rider Norman Sessa is Road King!

NORTH PALM BEACH -- When North Palm Beach resident Norman Sessa was born -- 97 years ago today -- World War I was still raging. Woodrow Wilson was president. And Harley Davidson motorcycles were being built by hand in a small Milwaukee warehouse, just 14 years after the company started. As he blows candles way to numerous to count, Sessa is pretty sure he is one of the world's oldest Harley riders! Sessa, you see, still gets atop his … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Marlins Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia: My New Crib’s Got a Sick Theater!

WELLINGTON -- Miami Marlins catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia recently settled in his new place in Wellington. And while one of his house-warming surprises included a plane falling out of the sky and into his backyard, we venture to bet that Saltalamacchia feels right at home watching the games of his old Boston Red Sox in his giant theater! The ball player, 28, who grew up in nearby Royal Palm Beach, is in his first season with the … [Read more...]

Ex-Wellington Pol Lizbeth Benacquisto: I Want Coke Congressman Trey Radel’s Job!

Former Wellington Councilwoman Lizbeth Benacquisto's political future hangs in the balance today in the Fort Myers/Marco Island area. The comely sexpot, whose romances after her divorce from carpet salesman Tony Benacquisto made as much news in Wellington as her village leadership, is among four Republicans up for the job of District 19 cocaine Congressman Trey Radel. Radel famously resigned in January after pleading guilty to possession of … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Easter Bonnets, Eggs at IPC Polo Season Finale!

WELLINGTON -- Polo season in Wellington ended in style Sunday with an egg hunt and bonnets to rival those on New York City's Easter Parade. Oh yes: There was fierce action on the field of the International Polo Club Palm Beach, too. Alegria won the Maserati 110th US Open Polo Championship -- if polo had a Super Bowl, that'd be it -- with an 11-10 overtime win over Valiente. When all the numbers are tallied, this IPC season could turn out … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ron Jeremy in Palm Beach Jury Duty!

WEST PALM BEACH -- There's a hedgehog in the West Palm Beach courthouse -- and it could lead to a hung jury! Porn legend Ron Jemery is up for jury duty in West Palm Beach today! A Gossip Extra mole at the downtown house of justice says Jeremy's been sitting in the jurors' room this morning while waiting to be called in for a criminal case. Jeremy, 61, who starred in more than 2,200 sex movies, is keeping to himself and looks like he'd … [Read more...]