EXCLUSIVE — Alleged Would-be Murderer Linda Cooney: I Felt no Sadness, no Remorse!


LAS VEGAS -- A just-opened trial starring a former Juno Beach socialite have the usually unimpressed Las Vegas residents riveted. Linda Cooney, the widow of big-deal north Palm Beach County lawyer Jim Cooney, is accused of trying to kill one of her two sons in 2011 in her desert home. Kevin Cooney, who's now 33, survived the gun attack but became a paraplegic. And this week, from a hospital bed, Kevin tearfully testified he beat his … [Read more...]

VIDEO — John Daly Tees Off Woman’s Face, Continues to Claim $100 Million-Injury Against Honda Classic!

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- A recent video of chubby golfer John Daly teeing off a well-dressed woman's face without even scraping her blush has gone viral. Fine and dandy. But then, why is Daly still swearing in a Palm Beach County court that an incident at the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens caused his career to tank? Check out the video: Does he look injured? Since 2010, Daly has been clogging up a local court with a civil … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS — Southern Charm Stars Move to Palm Beach, Give Birth to Baby!

PALM BEACH -- Bravo reality star Kathryn C. Dennis quietly gave birth to a baby at St. Marys Medical Center last month in West Palm Beach, according to the cable network. The baby daddy is none other than flame-haired Dennis' Southern Charm co-star, disgrace South Carolina playboy politician Thomas Ravenel. Ravenel, 51, and Dennis, 22, apparently hooked up on the first season of the show, which stars members of prominent society families of … [Read more...]

Bruce Springsteen Shows Who’s Boss: No Freebies During Tour!

WELLINGTON -- Wellington part-timer Bruce Springsteen is leaving no doubt who's in charge. The rocker has banned everyone associated with his current tour, including himself, from distributing free tickets to family and friends. Springsteen, 64, who's owned a horse farm in the area of the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center for more than 10 years, is on a 17-date tour of the United States -- and the website thesmokinggun.com got a … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ex-Employee: Yoga’s Terrible Twins Betrayed Palm Beach’s Exercise Community!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Identical twin yoga instructors Alison and Ann Dadow are accused of betraying fans and employees after the stealthy closings of their studios in the heart of West Palm Beach and in Palm Beach Gardens. "A lot of people really trusted them," said Dalia Soles, who was the general manager at the Dadows' Twin Power Yoga studios. "The yoga community is a really close-knit group, and once you gain its trust, the community has your … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach Gardens Realtor Andrew Leibowitz: $12,000 a Month in Alimony’s Grossly Unfair in Bad Economy!

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- High-end real estate broker Andrew Leibowitz has been socked in divorce court this month, and he asked a judge in Palm Beach County to reconsider an order that he pay his ex-wife $12,000 a month in alimony! Leibowitz, who with brother Michael form one of Palm Beach Gardens' most visible real estate companies, last week filed a motion to reconsider the alimony to sexy homemaker Tracey Leibowitz, saying that nearly … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — Wellington Polo: 80 Buffet Items, And Fierce US Open Action!

WELLINGTON -- If there's one feature at International Polo Club Palm Beach that's captured the imagination this season, outside of top flight mallet action of course, it's the Sunday champagne brunch. And there's a good reason why they're are consistently sold out. For $120 per in the latter part of the season, polo lovers can munch on some of the 80 dishes in a lavish buffet by Aaron's Catering of the Palm Beaches while sipping Veuve … [Read more...]

PHOTOS — DJ Adam Lipson Packs in Fans, Philanthropists For LLS Fundraiser

WEST PALM BEACH -- Local DJ Adam Lipson opened his new ultra-cool Northwood Village home to young society for a fundraiser for Elena Peroulakis, a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Woman of the Year award. A dozen candidates in the county are vying for the coveted prize by raising as much money as possible for the non-profit through dozens of small events. Among the swells at the $75-per shindig: Perfect Vodka boss Dennis … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach’s Arij Gasiunasen’s Art Gallery Facing Eviction!

PALM BEACH -- One of Palm Beach society's favorite art galleries is facing eviction today after owner Arij Gasiunasen allegedly fell behind on the rent. According to court papers obtained exclusively by Gossip Extra, Gasiunasen Gallery fell behind the rent for its home on Hibiscus Avenue by more than $100,000. A notice of delinquency was posted on the gallery's door last week demanding that the landlord, Worth Avenue landowner Burt … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ex-West Palm Beach Cop Turned Informant Charged With Selling Steroids!

WEST PALM BEACH -- A former West Palm Beach Police officer with a 20-year history of work-related trouble has been officially accused of selling steroids while on-duty, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. Surprisingly the ex-patrolman, Dewitt McDonald, 45, was charged only with one count of knowingly carrying a firearm while trafficking steroids. McDonald was not arrested, but he's due in federal court for an … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Palm Beach’s Twin Power Yoga Studios Close . . . Sexy Twin Owners’ Mug Shots Pop up!

Allison and Ann Dadow

WEST PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach County's two Twin Power Yoga studios mysteriously closed in late March, and dozens of yoga fans have been left holding the bag! The owners, impossibly blond identical twins Ann and Alison Dadow, have not returned calls or emails from irate customers as they open a new studio in Park City, Utah. Oh, the sexy yoga instructors are visible online, mind you . . . among booking photos. The Dadow twins, 35, are … [Read more...]