BREAKING NEWS — Ex-Royal Palm Beach High Co-Ed: Palm Beach Perv Jeffrey Epstein Wanted me to Have His Baby!

Jeffrey Epstein, on a Manhattan street in 2011 (Splash News photo)

WEST PALM BEACH — Millionaire Palm Beach perv Jeffrey Epstein once offered one of his underage suburban West Palm Beach sex slaves money, jewels and a mansion if she'd have his baby, according to new records in the Epstein saga unveiled this week. Former Royal Palm Beach High School student Virginia Roberts, who traveled the world with Epstein in the early-2000s when she was just 16, said in a taped interview with her lawyers that Wall Street … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Sheriff Ric Bradshaw: We Don’t Need no Stinking Media, Thanks to New App!


WEST PALM BEACH -- Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has quietly been pressuring supporters to donate money to help him put out information directly to the public without going through traditional media filters, Gossip Extra has learned. In a highly unusual public-private partnership Bradshaw, who's up for reelection in 2016 and, by all indications, is planning to run again, has been actively recruiting business leaders to pay for the new … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — University of Miami Sex Scandal: Nurses Complained to Administration About Doctor’s Trysts Behind “Paper-Thin” Wall!


CORAL GABLES -- University of Miami neurologist Dr. Bruno Gallo's nursing and office staffers officially complained to the university's administration in July about the doctor's alleged sex romps at work, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively. In an anonymous complaint filed through a university website on July 28, according to a document obtained by Gossip Extra, a Gallo staffer wrote: "Dr. Gallo's multiple sexual affairs that take place at … [Read more...]

BREAKING NEWS — NY Times Tags Florida AG Pam Bondi as Easily Influenced by Cash, Gifts!


TALLAHASSEE -- Right on time for Tuesday's election, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is featured prominently in a New York Times story about the influence of lobbyists on attorneys general of several states. The damning story shows how Bondi's investigations of corporations on the behalf of consumers mysteriously stopped after she was wined and dined by out-of-state lobbyists. The NYT's yarn focused on the D.C. law firm of Dickstein … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — U.S. Congresswoman Lois Frankel Dumps West Palm Beach Home!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Rookie U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel quietly sold her West Palm Beach house three weeks before Tuesday's primary, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively. And unbeknownst to most voters who rely on the so-called mainstream press for information, the sale made the former mayor of WPB the only candidate for her District 22 seat with no real estate property in the area! The house that Democrat Frankel owned, at 4 Interlachen Circle in … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Source: Charlie Crist’s $100K Nigerian Donor is Member of Shadowy Republican Oil Trader Harry Sargeant’s Network!

Charlie Crist

BOCA RATON -- Democrat Charlie Crist's campaign for governor still won't comment on the Gossip Extra scoop about its mysterious $100,000-donor from Nigeria and his alleged association with an international criminal -- but information about donor Onajite Okoloko is starting to bubble up. An African fertilizer manufacturer with a sprawling mansion on the ocean in Boca Raton, Okoloko has become one of the Crist campaign's biggest … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Charlie Crist’s Mysterious Nigerian Connection Drops $100,000 in Florida Governor Campaign!


BOCA RATON -- A mysterious Nigerian businessman whose empire is under scrutiny for its ties to a jailed, corrupt African politician has emerged as one of Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist's biggest campaign donors, Gossip Extra has learned exclusively. Onajite Okoloko, an oil executive turned fertilizer manufacturer with a sprawling property in Boca Raton, has donated $100,000 to Democrat Crist's campaign so far this year, … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Drinking Scandal Ensnares Benjamin School, Jack Nicklaus’ Family!

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- The aftermaths of a drinking scandal at the fancy Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens is overshadowing the excitement of graduation later this month. Two seniors from prominent families, J.B. Thompson and Ray Anderson, were expelled after they allegedly took control of a classmate's cellphone and posted an obscene message on the Facebook page of the Ivy League school where the classmate is headed, Yale … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Alleged Would-be Murderer Linda Cooney: I Felt no Sadness, no Remorse!


LAS VEGAS -- A just-opened trial starring a former Juno Beach socialite have the usually unimpressed Las Vegas residents riveted. Linda Cooney, the widow of big-deal north Palm Beach County lawyer Jim Cooney, is accused of trying to kill one of her two sons in 2011 in her desert home. Kevin Cooney, who's now 33, survived the gun attack but became a paraplegic. And this week, from a hospital bed, Kevin tearfully testified he beat his … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Ex-West Palm Beach Cop Turned Informant Charged With Selling Steroids!

WEST PALM BEACH -- A former West Palm Beach Police officer with a 20-year history of work-related trouble has been officially accused of selling steroids while on-duty, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. Surprisingly the ex-patrolman, Dewitt McDonald, 45, was charged only with one count of knowingly carrying a firearm while trafficking steroids. McDonald was not arrested, but he's due in federal court for an … [Read more...]

OUTRAGE: Low-Cost Jetair Starts Service From Miami to Europe — But Won’t Accept U.S. Credit Cards!

MIAMI -- How's this for a let down: A new low-cost airline is starting regular service from Miami International Airport to Belgium Saturday, but Americans can't take advantage of the $650-roundtrip tickets! It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Belgian airline Jetair won't process American credit cards because, says a company spokesman, Jetair has had "issues" with our plastic! There's more: As a result of the credit card policy, giant … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: E-Cigarette Ads Rejected by All Local Television Stations — Except For Fox Affiliate WSVN!

MIAMI -- A controversy has erupted in local television on whether electronic cigarette makers should be advertising on local programs. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Several sources in tv-land are telling me manufacturers of the battery-operated, vapor-producing devices have been on a push to get ads on the air quickly -- before an expected ban goes into effect. Thing is: The general managers of most stations have turned down the … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Celebrities-Backed Casino Ship Launches From Port of Palm Beach!

RIVIERA BEACH -- What do matinee idol Rob Lowe, comedian Eddie Griffin, and TV series pretty boy  Josh Duhamel have in common? They all have a stake in Island Breeze II, the Palm Beach area's new casino ship! It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: As the 160-foot ship sailed from the Port of Palm Beach to the three-mile international zone with gambling enthusiasts for the first time this morning, Lowe (The West Wing, St. Elmo's … [Read more...]