EDITORIAL — Hitler-Saluting Wellington Board Member Must Resign!

WELLINGTON -- Wellington Planning Board member Marcia Radosevich, a volunteer government helper, gave the one-arm Hitler salute in the middle of a public meeting. With a smile, no less. It was her under-educated way to criticize the village's planning director, whom she accuses of behaving like a Hitler-like dictator. She may have had a point: Government staffers of small South Florida towns like Wellington often think they were handed … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Isn’t it Time For TMZ to Quit Sucking up to Justin Bieber?


MIAMI -- TMZ’s Harvey Levin to try and pull his head out of Justin Bieber’s butt. It’s way up there, and Harvey's losing track of reality. Ever since Bieber was charged with DUI on his own admission he’d been smoking weed in Miami Beach Jan. 23, TMZ has been on a campaign to embarrass Miami Beach Police and Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. And it's looked downright silly doing it. Since the incident, the … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Wolf of Wall Street’s Shadow Hovers Over Palm Beach Gardens Politics!

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- The friendship between a candidate for Palm Beach Gardens city council and the real-life crook played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street has become an issue in a local political campaign. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Political rookie Michael Peragine, who's taking on long-time incumbent Eric Jablin, and his wife are among those that Jordan Belfort thanked in the credits of the … [Read more...]

OPINION — WPTV Placed Its Reputation Above Children’s Safety in Rob Lopicola Scandal!


WEST PALM BEACH -- While WPTV-Channel 5 talks a good game when it comes to the public's safety, the shameful Rob Lopicola episode that ended Friday with his sentencing to 56 months in prison on charges related to his having sex with underage boys exposed WPTV's extreme hypocrisy. It showed the station was in full CYA mode when Lopicola mysteriously left his job in 2006 -- four years before he started putting the mental and physical health … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Congressman Cocaine: When Will Southwest Florida Quit Electing Losers?

It took nearly a week since rookie U.S. Rep. Trey Radel's embarrassing cocaine arrest for Republicans to start raising the issue of his resignation. A WEEK! GOP leaders must be hoping Southwest Florida voters are so disengaged from the political process that they would forget, or not care. Actually, they'd be right to think along those lines. After all, it's not the first time that voters in Naples-Fort Myers area saddle this great … [Read more...]

OPINION — No Super Bowl in South Florida? Have Fun in Crappy Weather, Boring Cities!

South Florida lost another bid to host a Super Bowl this week because the NFL insists that taxpayers should spend millions on improvements for Sun Life Stadium. Area officials weren't even invited to bid for Super Bowl 52, which is supposed to be played in early 2018. Minneapolis and Indianapolis will be among the bidders. What a joke! Gossip Extra says: Go screw yourself, NFL! We hope you and your cartel of fat cat owners enjoy cold, … [Read more...]

OPINION — Only Fools Line up For an iPhone, And Bigger Fools Think it’s News!

Thousands of brain-washed consumers lined up for Friday's release of a new iPhone in South Florida and elsewhere, sometimes days in advance. That in itself is mind-bogglingly ridiculous. You know what's worse? News organizations that cover the lemmings in line like its a big deal! Gossip Extra says: There surely has got to be something more interesting to report than folks obsessed with spending money on an overpriced, flawed toy that … [Read more...]

OPINION: South Florida Cops Are Starstruck — And That’s Bad For The Rest of us!

The Miami-Dade Police officers who forced motorists in stand-still Sun Life Stadium traffic to move out of the way so that the man they were escorting, Miami Heat star LeBron James, wouldn't miss a concert earlier this month should've been suspended. Here's why: The cops placed a sports star above those who pay handsomely for police services! For that, the patrolmen received a talking to. Oooooh, that'll teach them! Gossip Extra says: … [Read more...]

OPINION — Why Gossip Extra Used Dead Body Photo!

The choice to publish the photo of the bloodied body of a South Miami woman allegedly shot to death by her husband last week drew a clear line between new and old media. On one side were websites like Gossip Extra that showed the photo of Denny's waitress Jennifer Alfonso's collapsed body, a snapshot that alleged killer Derek Medina posted on Facebook along with a confession before he surrendered to police. On the other side were local … [Read more...]

OPINION — Time For TV Stations to Level With Viewers!

With arrests of staffers with ties to two local television stations, one mysterious firing at a third and hush-hush wholesale changes at a fourth, South Florida's boob tube officials have been less than forthcoming. And for a business that depends on openness and transparency to make money, that's inexcusable. Gossip Extra says: It's time for TV's corporate hacks to rethink what passes for policy on employee privacy, and stop taking us … [Read more...]

OPINION: Palm Beach Post Nominated For Pulitzer — For Hypocrisy!

If there was one interesting kernel in the whiny complaint that The Palm Beach Post filed against Gossip Extra with a United Nations agency recently, it's the way that the Post bristles at the thought of another media organization peeking behind its veil. And as this site's readers know, Gossip Extra has covered aggressively the current descend into oblivion of the century-old West Palm Beach newspaper. -- Click for the original story about … [Read more...]