OPINION — Florida Pols Should Quit Whining About Cuba Opening . . . State Has Everything to Win, Nothing to Lose!


Gossip Extra publisher Jose Lambiet traveled twice to Cuba over the past 15 years to report on changes on the island PALM BEACH -- Since President Barack Obama announced the normalization of American-Cuban relations this morning, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and other local pols want us to believe that the thawing of the cross-Caribbean cold war is the worst thing since Elian Gonzalez was seized by Janet Reno's armed "henchmen" and shipped back to … [Read more...]

SAY IT AIN’T SO: Top Palm Beach Post Bosses Keep Wallets Closed to Season to Share!


WEST PALM BEACH -- While The Palm Beach Post will be exhorting the few readers it has left to donate money for some of the area's most unfortunate residents in its yearly Season to Share holiday fundraising drive, the dwindling newspaper's top managers were strangely absent when the time came to open their wallets during last year's effort. Again this year, and for the 20th time, the newspaper is expected to raise well in excess of $600,000 … [Read more...]

OPINION — Rein in Florida’s Out-of-Control Law Enforcement, Vote Yes on Medical Marijuana!

Florida's so-called medical marijuana initiative, which comes before the voters Nov. 4, deserves a resounding "Yes" vote. A win in favor of the initiative eventually would open the door to outright legalization, and that's reason enough to pass the measure. But an even better reason would be to start on the path of something that's long overdue: Law enforcement needs to be heeled, big time, and taking away a crime that allowed crime … [Read more...]

LAST DAYS — Please, do Your Share to Keep Your Internet Flowing Fairly!

Dear Reader, In a few hours, the Federal Communications Commission will close the public comment period on the most unfair new regulations on access and usage of the Internet in the medium's short history. The FCC, which is stacked with current or former executives of giant corporate media companies, is considering to allow Internet providers to charge websites like Gossip Extra for faster reader access. Obviously, the hundreds of … [Read more...]

OPINION — Dwyane Wade Should be Ashamed of Wedding Hoopla!


HOMESTEAD -- In the days leading to his wedding in a castle-like property in the middle of the fields of Homestead, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, his now-wife Gabrielle Union and their entourage displayed the type of paranoid control-freak behavior that reminded observers of Michael Jackson. They vowed that no information about their big day would leak, even confiscating the cellphones of many guests to make double sure. But when Gossip … [Read more...]

OPINION — A Win by United States or Belgium’s Fine With me . . . as Long as Ann Coulter Goes Away!

Ann Coulter

PALM BEACH -- I've been asked repeatedly for the past few days if I'll be rooting for Belgium or the United States in tomorrow's knock-out World Cup game. Fair question. I was born and raised in Belgium and dabbled in soccer for one of the Liege teams, where one third of the members of Belgium's national team were formed. And when I came to the United States, legally I might add, I practiced the art of the beautiful game for one brief … [Read more...]

OPINION — Scholarship to Palm Beach Post Publisher’s Daughter Shows Lack of Class!

WEST PALM BEACH -- Wasn't that long ago, no self-respecting publisher of The Palm Beach Post would've even thought about asking the company for a college scholarship for his children. Mostly because such scholarships are not really designed for employees that make well into the six figures. They are, morally at least, for those for whom a few thousand dollars make the difference between going to college or looking for a minimum wage … [Read more...]

OPINION — Police Chief Hollering Racism is Not so Black and White!

RIVIERA BEACH -- Police Chief Clarence Williams came unglued this weekend. In an email to officials in the largest black city in Palm Beach County, he accused CBS12 and its new director, Mike McCormick, of racism. Why? CBS12's only crime, it seems, was that it went above and beyond in seeking the chief's comment about the disappearance of a child. -- EXCLUSIVE: Riviera Beach Police Chief: CBS12 is like Donald Sterling! Station … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Hitler-Saluting Wellington Board Member Must Resign!

WELLINGTON -- Wellington Planning Board member Marcia Radosevich, a volunteer government helper, gave the one-arm Hitler salute in the middle of a public meeting. With a smile, no less. It was her under-educated way to criticize the village's planning director, whom she accuses of behaving like a Hitler-like dictator. She may have had a point: Government staffers of small South Florida towns like Wellington often think they were handed … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Isn’t it Time For TMZ to Quit Sucking up to Justin Bieber?


MIAMI -- TMZ’s Harvey Levin to try and pull his head out of Justin Bieber’s butt. It’s way up there, and Harvey's losing track of reality. Ever since Bieber was charged with DUI on his own admission he’d been smoking weed in Miami Beach Jan. 23, TMZ has been on a campaign to embarrass Miami Beach Police and Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. And it's looked downright silly doing it. Since the incident, the … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE — Wolf of Wall Street’s Shadow Hovers Over Palm Beach Gardens Politics!

PALM BEACH GARDENS -- The friendship between a candidate for Palm Beach Gardens city council and the real-life crook played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street has become an issue in a local political campaign. It's yet another Gossip Extra exclusive: Political rookie Michael Peragine, who's taking on long-time incumbent Eric Jablin, and his wife are among those that Jordan Belfort thanked in the credits of the … [Read more...]

OPINION — WPTV Placed Its Reputation Above Children’s Safety in Rob Lopicola Scandal!


WEST PALM BEACH -- While WPTV-Channel 5 talks a good game when it comes to the public's safety, the shameful Rob Lopicola episode that ended Friday with his sentencing to 56 months in prison on charges related to his having sex with underage boys exposed WPTV's extreme hypocrisy. It showed the station was in full CYA mode when Lopicola mysteriously left his job in 2006 -- four years before he started putting the mental and physical health … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL — Congressman Cocaine: When Will Southwest Florida Quit Electing Losers?

It took nearly a week since rookie U.S. Rep. Trey Radel's embarrassing cocaine arrest for Republicans to start raising the issue of his resignation. A WEEK! GOP leaders must be hoping Southwest Florida voters are so disengaged from the political process that they would forget, or not care. Actually, they'd be right to think along those lines. After all, it's not the first time that voters in Naples-Fort Myers area saddle this great … [Read more...]