EXCLUSIVE — Inside Justin Bieber’s Miami Deposition: Anger Over Selena Gomez; Claims of Memory Loss; Denial of Drug Use!

Justin Bieber at a Heat game

Justin Bieber claimed he doesn’t remember being in Miami in June, when he allegedly had his bodyguards attack a photographer — one day after he attended a Miami Heat playoff game! (Splash News photo)

MIAMI — The deposition of troubled pop star Justin Bieber in a lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County ended about 4 p.m., and sources are telling me Bieber’s behavior during the six-hour ordeal was odd at best.

“The guy proved today he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed,” one source familiar with the court proceeding said.

Bieber got so angry that he attempted to walk out and risk the wrath of a judge — but he was brought back in by his five lawyers.

Why was he ticked off?

Some questions focused on his failed relationship with singer/actress Selena Gomez, a sore point for Bieber.

Selena Gomez

Singer Selena Gomez, poolside at the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach recently (Splash News photo)

Later, Bieber appeared to fall asleep and claimed he couldn’t remember the names of the members of his entourage, or whether his bodyguards even worked for him or someone else.

The ultimate humiliation: Bieber faced questions, under oath, about whether he took legal or illegal drugs within 24 hours of the hearing, or whether he drank alcohol within 12 hours.

He answered “no!’ to those questions.

Bieber, 20, spent most of the day in the conference room of famed criminal defense lawyer Roy Black‘s law firm. Black reps the singer in his DUI case but sat in on the civil court deposition.

Today’s grilling by Aventura legal eagle Mark DiCowden was about a lawsuit filed against Bieber in June by Miami Beach paparazzo Jeffery Binion.

Mark DiCowden

Aventura lawyer Mark Dicowden, who deposed Justin Bieber today (dicowdenlaw.com photo)

Binion wants millions in punitive damages because, he claims, Bieber and his bodyguards behaved like thugs towards him outside the Hit Factory recording studio in North Miami.

The case is partly built on numerous incidents involving Biebs, his security apparatus and photographers.

One source described Bieber has having “selective amnesia” during today’s questioning.

Question: Do you remember being in Australia in November?

Bieber: I don’t know if I ever was in Australia.

Question: How about Seoul, South Korea?

Bieber: I don’t remember.

Question: Do you remember being at the Hit Factory in North Miami in June?

Bieber: I don’t remember being in Miami in June.

Question: How many managers do you have?

Bieber: Oh, I might have 100 managers.

Question: What are their names?

Bieber: I don’t really know.

The singer of Baby and Boyfriend took frequent breaks throughout the session, sometimes every 15 minutes.

At times, I’m told Bieber looked like a deer in the headlights.

At others, he appeared to fall asleep.

“He denied being asleep,” someone familiar with the deposition said. “He said something about being frustrated with the questions and trying to focus.”

I’m told Bieber did complain about the court-mandated deposition being “unfair” to him.

Eventually, DiCowden pushed one of Bieber’s buttons.

“Was Selena Gomez present during any of the incidents with photographers,” DiCowden asked.

That’s when Bieber got up and walked out, screaming at DiCowden: “Do not ask me about her!”

Bieber came back 10 minutes later to face the music.

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  1. Rowan says

    Why the lawyer asking him about Selena Gomez?

    It has absolutely nothing to do with Binion or the case.

    Tactics to make Bieber angry?


    • Al says

      Not cheap at all. He showed in a legal proceeding that Bieber can be set off by some things. Like say, a photographer innocently asking “How is Selena doing?”

        • Rowan says

          No, it’s cheap. It was to get a rise. Nothing more.

          Actually, it’s as cheap as the photo used.

          She’s 21-years-old Selena, quite a young girl still.

          There are plenty of alternative pictures that could have been used.

          Gotta say DiCowden sounds like a total p***k.

      • Rowan says

        “innocently” ?

        There’s nothing innocent about how paparazzi harass people, stalk them, and goad them to get the money shot.

        • Rowan Is Half A Retard says

          Shut up Stupid!

          Get off Bieber’s nuts & recognize that you’re way out of your league here!

          Good answers gentlemen.

  2. JOEL GOODMAN says

    prediction: Bieber is dead within 24 months……probably self inflicted through drugs/booze.

      • Registered Independent says

        As well, your lack of understanding of a punitive case has been noted. You comment as if you understand Florida Law, which you clearly don’t. The questions regarding Selena Gomez were very relative to the case as she witnessed, first hand, an incident in which Bieber “himself” physically assaulted a photographer. All relative to establish Bieber’s MO in how he deals with photographers. Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.