PHOTOS — Michael J. Fox’s South Florida Family Vacation

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MIAMI BEACH — Actor Michael J. Fox took a break from filming his big TV comeback sitcom this weekend.

The Parkinson’s suffering star of Back to The Future was spotted on the sand in Miami Beach alongside wife Tracy Pollan and their three daughters.

Fox, 52, is back on the tube on NBC with an updated version of his Michal J Fox Show, but the ratings have been below expectations so far.

Fox is getting half the 15.6 million viewers a week that Robin Williams has been getting for The Crazy Ones on CBS!

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  1. JOEL GOODMAN says

    this punk is a phony and a cheat. when he testified before congress he purposely did not take his meds , so that his shaking and tremors would be increased. He is the lowest form of life. A liar and a cheater and a phony piece of human waste. But what else would one expect from one of Hollowood’s scum set?

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