PHOTOS — Miami Model Carmen Ortega: LeBron James Wants me!

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flag-breaking-newsCarmen Ortega, the small-time Miami model who once helped ex-Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush get over Kim Kardashian, has sparked a mini-scandal involving the soon-to-be-married LeBron James.

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson

LeBron James with fiancée Savannah Brinson (Splash News photo)

It seems Ortega (above) lost her cell phone recently, and the alleged finder leaked a series of text messages between her and the Miami Heat superstar to

Remember now: James is supposed to marry his high school sweetheart, and the mother of his two children, in mid-September!

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Ortega confirmed the text messages were indeed from, and to James.

And they include a mysterious set in which he is asking to see her in Los Angeles.

Ortega claims she only had dinner with the baller, and that it didn’t end into horizontal mambo.

However, Ortega claims, James tried to lie about his engagement to baby mama Savannah Brinson.

He reportedly texted her that she shouldn’t believe everything she reads.

James responded to Ortega’s allegations by tweeting the photo of a statement that reads: “Whenever you’re happy and in a great place in anything, someone or something will try to put a virus in it to make it all unravel.”

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  1. Walter Concrete says

    meh…. she’s nothing special. Typical latin chick with thunder thighs. Although, it does appear that she got her monies worth of plastic ta ta’s.

    News flash Carmen it takes more than a set of big ta ta’s to make it in this world.

  2. MissKia says

    Right she’s just another bitter groupie trying to ruin a good long term relationship for 15mins of fame. I guess she had forgotten what she wrote in those fake text messages because the interview she did with that Blogger does not match the timeline of her lie!!!!

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