LeBron James on GMA: “I’m Happy in Miami!”

LeBron James

LeBron James, at the Espys last month in Los Angeles (Splash News)

flag-jocksMiami Heat superstar LeBron James digs South Florida, and those who live here — especially Jupiter hoops great Michael Jordan!

That’s partly what James said this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, which is broadcasting a two-part series of James’ chat with co-host Robin Roberts.

“I am happy now being in Miami,” the 4-time NBA MVP said this morning, separating himself further from the Cleveland area that he was said to miss terribly. “Obviously, winning two championships in a row (helps) and hopefully everything works out.”

How long will he stick around?

Click here for photos of the championship celebration

“When that times comes (for free agency), I’ll be able to tackle that,” he says, avoiding the issue as he usually does. “But happiness in life and what you do makes it easier to show up every day.”

James said he has easily another decade left to play in the NBA but doesn’t take one minute for granted.

“I think I’ve got another 10, maybe 10, less than 10, my clock is winding,” he told Roberts. ”This is the longest shortest career job that you have.”

James also touched on steroids in baseball and the 211-game suspension of New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, saying: “It sends a bad message . . . It’s unfortunate that we have a story like that.”

James said his role models are his mom, Gloria James, and Jupiter resident Jordan, who was “able to fly in the air” and hit “game winning shots.”

Check out the video:

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