1. KnoxBox says

    Smokin’ body.

    But ever thought that her career collapse might have something to with ‘can’t report her way out of her Gucci bag’ rather than banging Chris?

    Looks got her in the doors, but YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE/WILLING TO DO THE JOB TO KEEP IT.

    Now she’s throwing Chris under the bus (not that he doesn’t deserve it) to put some cash in the bank and grab some attention to get her ‘career’ back on track.

    Sad thing is, ‘E’ or some other entertainment ‘News’ outlet might pick her up (just like Seattle and Vegas, if she ever WAS on that station’s payroll)

    Registered to vote Republican, Hon? Fox News awaits!

  2. Toni says

    I thought everyone by now knew that ALL married men say they are going to leave their wives. Not going to happen 99.9% of the time!

  3. says

    What do you think kids? You reckon our heroine wishes her former heart throb any harm? And what about her career? Will turning up in the tabloids once again lead to the resurrection she’s looking for? Maybe Kristyn ought to consider blogging for the tabloids. After all there’s never a shortage of yummy stuff to write about. Right Kristyn?

  4. Are you serious says

    Wow, talk about sour grapes. She had zero credibility as an anchor, thought she’d snag a real reporter, and then, when her notoriety and lack of talent blew up in her face, she figured she would cash in on stabbing Chris in the back. Nice girl. Be careful, Karma is a bitch!

  5. sm says

    She’s talentless. She wears the trashiest outfits. She loses jobs because she doesn’t have the skills!

  6. CT says

    If you mess around with someone you are not married to and are still married can you really expect it to end well?

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