PHOTO: Joakim Noah Finds Out Why we Call it Miami Heat!

Miami Heat

Even those in the expensive seats got excited last night at the ejection-heavy Heat-Bulls game (USA Today)

Game 2 of the Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls playoff series last night at the Triple A saw the Heat take the Bulls behind the woodshed and spank them hard to even the series.

The game included nine technical fouls, 51 technical fouls and two Chicago players were ejected, including former University of Florida center Joakim Noah (above).

Gator or not, on his way back to the locker room, Noah encountered the middle finger wrath of fans in the expensive seats — folks who usually don’t realize a basketball game is going on!

UPDATE: Middle finger fan identified as rich Jupiter widow who’s a neighbor of Michael Jordan

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  1. Loxahatchee Larry says

    Nothing says Miami like a 60 year old fake blonde, with Botox and bolt-on’s. And to think we thought Rosie O’Donnell was obnoxious.

  2. NL P says

    Whoa!! I see basketball brings out one’s true inner being …tsk tsk, fake blonde, botox lady!