Rick Ross Shooting: Chicago Gang to Blame?

Rick Ross escaped death after an attempted drive-by shooting in Ft. Lauderdale early Monday morning (Splash)

Rick Ross escaped death after an attempted drive-by shooting in Ft. Lauderdale early Monday morning (Splash News)

flag-breaking-newsAs the mystery remains in rapperĀ Rick Ross‘ failed assassination attempt yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, it’s clear that Ross had a few enemies — including a Chicago-based gang whose members threatened the chubby singer’s life through online videos!

The gang, Gangster Disciples, is angry with Ross for his using some of its symbols and logos in his music videos and CDs without paying them for it!

Crude footage of alleged gang members threatening Ross have surfaced in social media.

Some show ferocious-looking dudes telling former Miami-Dade County corrections officer Ross that if he doesn’t pay up, he’ll be killed.

Check out one of the videos:

Ross actually cancelled several shows in December because of the threats.

The Gangster Disciples, or GDs, were founded in the late 1960s on the tough south side of the city and dabbled in civil rights politics before moving to criminal activities.

Ross, 37, and his girlfriend, Davie stylist Shateria Moragne-El, were the victims of a drive-by shooting early Monday morning in Fort Lauderdale.

The rapper crashed his Rolls-Royce into an apartment building after being sprayed with gunfire as he drove home through downtown Fort Lauderdale. Neither Ross nor his galpal were injured and quickly went into hiding.

Police, who are not commenting, are currently shifting through hours of surveillance tapes outside stores on the fancy Las Olas shopping district, where the gunfire erupted.

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