Judge Alex to Octomom: Settle Your Stripping Lawsuit on My Show!

Judge Alex and Octomom

Former Miami cop Alex Ferrer, host of Judge Alex, and stripper Octomom

Former Miami cop-turned-judge Alex Ferrer, host of the Judge Alex television show, has invited Octomom to settle the lawsuit brought against her by a West Palm Beach strip bar on his nationally-syndicated TV show!

While Octomom Nadya Suleman tentatively agreed, the owner of the Congress Avenue mammary Mecca T’s Lounge put the kibosh on the project!

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“I have no guarantee that she’ll show up,” Gary Odle tells Gossip Extra. ”She had a contract to perform at my club and she never showed up. I kicked around the idea of flying to Los Angeles to do Judge Alex but it’s not a good idea.”

Odle says Judge Alex producers offered to pay him a $5,000-settlement if Ferrer sides with him and T’s Lounge. If Suleman, the single mom of 14 who made worldwide news in 2009 when she gave birth to eight babies in one sitting, were to win she’d also get $5,000.

Miamian Ferrer has been hosting the courtroom reality series since 2005. It airs on WBFS-Channel 33 in Miami-Dade and Broward and on WTCN-Channel 15 in the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast market.

The catch, says Odle, is that both parties would have to sign an agreement that Ferrer’s verdict would be final, and that the case filed by Odle with the Palm Beach County court system would be dismissed.

Odle filed a lawsuit against Suleman in July when she made her pole-dancing debuts in a Hallandale strip club instead of T’s.

“What I want is to have Nadya fulfill her contract, a five-night appearance,” Odle said. “I’m not interested in Judge Alex‘s $5,000!”

The show’s producer hasn’t returned calls for comment.

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  1. barbwire says

    Playing into her desire for camera time stinks to high heaven as well as paying her for this! Let her go into a real courtroom and face the music for once.
    I hope Mr. Odle sticks to his guns and doesn’t agree to this continued circus just giving the famewhore what she wants.

  2. Bluebonnet says

    Well, of course Nadya agreed to it, since the show is filmed in Los Angeles. She wouldn’t have to spend any money traveling. If she won, she’d get $5,000, and if she lost, she’d still get her face on TV and get some free publicity. Knowing her, she would add it to her IMBD credits as an actress! LOL! Mr. Odle was right to turn it down. Make her get her butt down to Florida on her own dime and show up in the local court!

  3. jesssayin says

    Could we please have an update? Today was the magic day this was to be heard in court. (January 4, 2013). Please find out what transpired and let us know. Inquiring minds…

  4. Nomad says

    My goodness common sense kicked in! Stay away from judge alex show. It’s fake and exploits people. They just want the ratings.

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