Octomom on Tonight’s Strip Show: “I’m Excited!”

Octomom kicks off her career as a stripper in South Florida

The marquee at the Hallandale strip club The Playhouse South announces tonight’s special guest (Splash News)

The infamous Octomom, single mother of 14 Nadya Suleman, told the hosts of Wild 95.5′s Kevin, Virginia and Jason Show this morning that she was quite excited about appearing semi-nude in front of several hundred people tonight in a Hallandale strip club.

“I’ve never done that before,” she said.

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And when asked about the wares she’s going to exhibit, Suleman acknowledged seeking a breast reduction, not something you usually hear from a stripper!

“I was a double D by the time I was 14,” Suleman told co-hosts Kevin Rolston, Virginia Lang and Jason Pennington.

Suleman, who turned 37 this week and made news in 2009 when she delivered eight babies in one sitting, is scheduled to appear about 11 p.m. on the stage of The Playhouse South. She has turned to stripping and porn after running into difficulties feeding her brood.

Suleman’s interview also yielded some trivia that any Octomom fan should know:

– She hasn’t had sex with another person in nearly 14 years (her eight kids came through artificial insemination)

– She named all of her children in 10 seconds but forgot one

– She doesn’t know the difference between catorce (14 in Spanish) and the word “contortionist”

– She believes that having four children, not 14, is the way to go. “Obviously, no human wants eight at the same time,” she said.

– She hasn’t had a nanny in nearly two years

– She doesn’t do drugs, smoke cigarettes and drinks two glasses of wine a month

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  1. AYFS says

    Never done it before? What a total crock! In this article dated March 26 2009, she admits she was a stripper before (only because she was outed the day before by someone she worked with!) http://www.zimbio.com/Nadya+Suleman+Family+Website/articles/140/Octomom+used+work+stripper+will+get+nurses
    “Yesterday it came out that back in the day, Nadya Suleman was a stripper. She did the typical Octomom thing where she made a bunch of excuses and tried to minimize it. But you know how that goes with her – eventually the truth comes out, it’s exactly what everyone suspected, yet she tries to lie with some, “oh well that’s what I really meant when I said that,” type of deal.

    In the continuing adventures of Octomom, the National Enquirer reports that Mother of the Year Nadya Suleman did some pole dancing before she had 14 kids.

    Back when she was 18, Suleman was in an “investigative” stage of her life and thought she’d try out exotic dancing.

    “I had not even kissed a boy. But I entered a dance/lingerie contest in a club near my home. I danced and paraded in lingerie,” she told a close pal.

    “Then, when I was 19, I went to a gentleman’s club and performed as a topless dancer. But I only did it one night. I quit when I found out I was expected to perform lap dances on the customers.”

    That’s totally believable.”

    • says

      I agree! Wouldn’t pay for a photo and wouldn’t buy used uewrednar! Why isn’t the State involved? How is she paying for kids with no job and what from hand outs?? Those kids deserve this! They don’t derserve any of this, if the State takes them they’ll be split up, away from family but on the other hand someone with real jobs and not living off assistance can provide a better future! People who go on assistance are just needing help due to there situation but Octomom made this situation. Its one thing when a woman like this is clearly obsessed with having kids and doesn’t actually realise she isn’t a stable fit parent and needs therapy but for a licensed doctor to let this happen is appalling!! I hope the best for these children, they deserve a mom who is thinking clearly!!

  2. Mahopinion says

    2 glasses of wine per month? We’ve all seen her sloshed on her uscream channel.

    A breast reduction leaves a tell-tale anchor scar under the nipple and breast. She doesn’t have that scar, just the one from the augmentation (not to mention the visible implant ridge).

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