Octomom Sued in Palm Beach Court!

Octomom Nadya Suleman cancels West Palm Beach strip show

Nadya Suleman

The infamous Octomom, single mother of 14 Nadya Suleman, has just been slapped with a nasty lawsuit filed by the owner of a West Palm Beach strip club.

Club officials want Suleman to make good on her promise to strip down to her waist three times a night for five nights later this week!

Suleman, 36, signed a contract with T’s Lounge owner Gary Odle to perform at the Congress Avenue joint July 11-15.

Click here for a copy of the lawsuit, contract and email exchanges between Odle and Suleman’s people

However, she indicated through the media that she would not be performing there, and instead will show off her ware at The Playhouse South in Hallandale, another mammary Mecca.

That appearance is being advertised heavily all over the area.

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Now this: The lawsuit filed late Friday seeks an emergency hearing for an injunction to prevent Suleman, who recently turned to porn to support her brood, from performing at The Playhouse.

According to the court papers obtained by Gossip Extra, Suleman’s contract with T’s reads that she can’t perform within a 50-mile radius during a three-month period before and after her shows.

Suleman made worldwide news in 2009 when she delivered eight babies in one sitting after fertility treatment. The California resident has had no visible means of support and caught the attention of that state’s child services.

So, Octomom turned to porn. She recently starred in a triple-X video showing her pleasuring herself.

That gave Odle, who has had high profile women strip at the club over the years, including Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James, the idea of hiring Suleman for five nights.

Odle says she signed on for three, breast-bearing shows per night. The club offered full nudity, but Suleman talked Odle into keeping it above the waist.

A few days later, however, Suleman said she would cancel because she claimed she didn’t appreciate some of the things that were said about her in area media.

Then last week, she announced she’d be at The Playhouse for one night only, Friday the 13th!!!!!!

Said Odle: “So far, Nadya has claimed she was in fear for her life, that we belittled her and that she never really signed a contract as excuses for not showing up. We never wanted to get involved legally, but we all have a valid contract.”

Neither Greg Louis, owner of The Playhouse, nor Gina Rodriguez, Octo’s manager, commented.

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  1. Bluebonnet says

    I hope T’s Lounge is granted the injunction! Based on the documents provided, they have a strong case against Suleman. Also, I’m wondering how Suleman is expecting to tolerate the kind of raunchy remarks she’ll get from a strip club audience while she performs, when she couldn’t even take some very mild criticism from a couple of bar employees. If she wants to be a stripper, she has to develop a much thicker skin.

  2. Belle Starr says

    Good for T’s. She thinks she is exempt from the rules the rest of the world has to follow. She signed the contract, now fulfill your obligations or get your skanky a$$ sued. If she thinks this is the way to build her ‘empire’ so she can live in a mansion in a gated community, she has another think coming. Hope the club that has her scheduled for Friday the 13th also sues her. She signed with them, knowing she had a contract with T’s.