PHOTO: Fired NBC 6 Reporter Jeff Burnside, Hard at Work

jeff burnside nbc6 fired sanford

Fateful assignment: NBC6's Jeff Burnside was one of the first reporters on the scene in Sanford

Investigative TV reporter Jeff Burnside and the honchos at Miami’s WTVJ-NBC 6 keep pretending nothing’s happening in the wake of Burnside’s firing for his role on producing a deceiving video of the Trayvon Martin killing.

But Gossip Extra got a hold of this photo of Burnside working in Sanford on March 22, on the day the city commission cast its no confidence vote against Police Chief Bill Lee.

Burnside was one of the first South Florida reporters at the scene as racial tensions rose.

Burnside allegedly was canned because edits made on the audio of alleged killer George Zimmerman‘s phone conversation about Martin with a police dispatcher made Zimmerman look like a racist. Not only did the tape air on NBC 6, but NBC’s Today show used it as well – causing the ire of the Conservative media.

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  1. Dow Daytrader says

    the mainstream news media makes $$ and ratings from purposely stirring up division and hatred by lying and misreporting civil strife involving different races. this same media ignores the black on black crimes and almost all instances of black on white violence.

  2. julie bernie says

    jeffs career goes back a long way and is full of misleading info and scandal…also he never worked on any boston tv station or candidates campaign in boston that i am aware of…i was living there at the time working at a television station and he did interview with us and called continually but never received a job.i actually worked with him in seattle and he was a big screw up- phoney…the general manager was always threatening to fire him and it became close and then he left.i have seen him
    at recent forums and am sure he has a drug or alcohol problem…environmentalist…he does all that to make himself look good…sadly -it is self serving only…

  3. julie bernie says

    also i remember mr. burnside running for office in seattle as a REPUBLICAN…a member of the NRA…now he claims to be a liberal environmental sort …again -self serving.

  4. bob says

    Jose, You know the media story goes deeper than that. All during March and early April I did not see any ‘news sites’ bring NBC to task for lying to Us, including You. If you did bring this lie to light and I didn’t see, pardon. If you didn’t attempt to get the story straight for your readers, then shame on You.

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