Angels in The Outfield: Bathtub Bonding For Miami Marlins Logan Morrison And Bryan Petersen

logan_morrison_bryan_petersen_miami Marlins batthub

Miami Marlins outfielders Logan Morrison (right) and Bryan Petersen (Click on the photo for more celebs in SoFla)

The boys of summer are going nuts in winter!

Miami Marlins outfielders Logan Morrison (right) and Bryan Petersen are enjoying a little alone time before spring training. The two had reporter Amy K. Nelson of SBNation tweet the romantic wine-fueled, candle-lit scene with the goal of getting millions of views.

Hasn’t happened yet, but chances are it will. Although you’d think Morrison, aka LoMo, should know better.

Last year, he was demoted to the minors after skipping a charity meet-and-greet and after team officials told him to tone down his tweets, some of which remain borderline obscene.

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